fourtrak auto hubs rebuild


I,ve just bought a 1993 2.8td fourtrak and the auto hubs aren,t working.
I,ve stripped them down and it looks like someones been messing with them.
They are packed with heavy grease so I,m going to remove that and relube and there,s a large plastic shim/spacer? with little two little lugs on, on one side only!
I want to rebuild them properly with any new parts needed...........does anyone have a schematic diagram of where all the parts should go?

Nothing but problems !!!

Hi and welcome.

Okay, new parts for Auto Hubs are as rare as hens teeth, personaly after many rebuilds ,I found I could not rely on them engaging on demand, so replaced with Manuals, no further problems , just remenber to engage before you may require them. Available from "Milners" top of page under "Parts Dealers"

Lots and I mean lots of posts on site re Auto hubs , a constant problem as they wear and do not get serviced untill they fail to work. Most people replace with Manuals.

Make use of the "Search Box" using terms like "Auto Hubs" or similar and you will find lots of posts, including ones about rebuilding/replacing Auto Hubs.

Suggest you purchase a "Service Manual" available on site ,as a download or CD. Top of page "Sevice Manuals"

If you care to contact me via PM (Messages), giving your email address, I will try to supply you with a diagram

Edward (ews) '92 Fourtrak 2.8 TDX