New Daihatsu Terios Not Available


I am interested in buying a new Daihatsu Terios, after looking through the brochure and internet reviews and refering to thelatest price list (Jan 2010) I approched my local Daihatsu dealer to book a test drive. To my amazement, he had no car he could let me test drive and told me that due to the exchange rate of the Yen and pound a new Terios would not be available for about another year.

I have spoken to several major dealers within the UK and Daihatsu (UK) themselves. they have all confirmed that a new Terios is not available.

Many dealers have a Terios demonstrator but cannot take orders for a new vehicle. I asked Daihatsu why they sent me a January 2010 catalogue and price list when they cannot supply the car and was told' we have to support our dealers and there are second hand vehicles about'.

I have spoken to trading standars about this and Daihatsu are breaking the law advertising and marketing a vehicle that cannot be supplied.

If anyone can explain the underlying reasoning for non availbility of the Terios, when other cars from Japan are available I would love to know.

Many thanks

Not Available !!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi, and welcome to the site.

I believe there has been a previous post on this matter , and the same issue ,Yen to Pound was mentioned. It would seem other Japanese importers have stock, at the place of import. Sitting at the docks, in storage awaiting call from dealers. May be this is a ploy by the parent company,( which I believe is Toyota) to sell more of there own brand as to a competing brand in that sector of the market.

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