Sirion Rally 2

Have not taken car out at all for over 3 weeks.

Today started first time - drove to the Supermarket - engine off, radio on for about half an hour whilst my better half did a bit of shopping ,attempted to start hardly a click.

Bump started easily enough and back home ok.

Even during the heavy snows and minus 10, starting was no problem .

Why is the radio draining the battery ?- I do have a stuck CD in the machine and this may be adding extra power drainage to the system .

Any thoughts.

Anyway I shall not do that again!

How far was the supermarket?

How far was the supermarket? Reason I ask is that even though after 3 weeks the car started, it may have just had the 11v required to get the starter motor to fire. Don't forget to re-charge a battery after discharge will take over 20 minutes with the alternator. And the battery needs to to top back up to at least 11volts again for another re-start. You mention that the radio was on, was this with the engine running? The other explanantion could be that the alternator is at fault and is not putting enough charge back into the battery. Best to get the battery out of the car and onto a battery charger and get it charge up and then try again.

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My fault!!

Heated rear window activated when I left ignition on after lowering windows.

I am unsighted from the switch light in normal seating position and did not know it had been the cause of battery failure - until this morning !!!

Car reliability -GREAT

Driver reliability - CRAP!!!!!

this is most likely bad/dirty

this is most likely bad/dirty contact of the battery terminal, very common after extreme weather conditons, remove terminals clean with wire brush, job done.