iPod Connection - Terios S 2009



could somebody help please, have purchased a 2009 Terios S but would like to know how to connect my ipod (preferably not transmitter) to the factory fitted radio?

many thanks


Hi maadmaan10 here - a very happy 08 terios owner.
However, this is one "niggle" as unlike many new cars there is no aux input. I have had the stereo out(a big job) and there is no way even to "rig" a connection.
My answer to this is that I have just ordered a new SD card only stereo from CLARION,(clarionworld.co.uk) along with a fascia adapter kit- all at a very reasonable price ( better than anywhere else).
Now all I have to do is take half the car apart again to change them over. sorry, but that's your answer! Good luck

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