sportrax fault HELP!


bought a sportrax feroza yesterday took for test drive drove great driving home got about 3miles into journey home and power started to die down started to jerk if tried going over 30-35 mph wont go over 2000 revs when stop for few minutes and go again she seems ok but then it starts again it seems to do it whan it gets warm mate of mine said it could be coil breaking down anyone else had this problem Unknw if so PLEASE could you give some advice


Sensor needs replacing.


can't get it booked in for diagnostics anywhere near me before tuesday thanks


had sporty back last night apparently it ius the temp management sensor Unknw waiting for it to arrive now to get it fitted

sensor ?

had sensor replaced made no difference somebody said coil no it wasn't then told it could be the cat still no after a lot of cost changes fuel pump HOORAY it has been running great for a week now no probs fingers crossed