Dash illumination problem


Hello all,
My L reg Fourtrak has suddenly developed a fault with the backlight in the instrument panel. (I noticed it the other night when driving home -- totally dark speedo and tachometer! Disconcerting...) Anyway, I took apart the dash, and tested all four backlight bulbs. All of them work, yet the illumination still refuses to come on.
All the other indicator lights in the dash are working fine (i.e. turn signals, 4WD, oil, batt, etc.)
Anybody have any thoughts (other than burnt out bulbs) as to what may have gone wrong? I'd like to get this sorted ASAP!
Many thanks,

Fuse??? Growing old is compu

Growing old is compulsary, growing up isnt, and

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Growing old is compulsary, growing up isnt.
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Hmmm, obvious next choice, bu

Hmmm, obvious next choice, but I can't find a fuse that controls ONLY these bulbs (leaving everything else working fine). Should have mentioned that I have checked those, too. I'll double check, though...


Trace the earth connection. Clean it and try again!

illumination problem

Hi Matt, Your panel illumination prob is on your lights stalk, the contacts can become burnt and dry.Right 1/ take off your cowel covering your column switches. 2/ spray anywhere you can in the block containing the switch contacts at the base of the stalk only with wd-40, just cover everything with it, Dont worry then rapidly and repeatedly switch your side lights on and off,its also worth switching all your other lights on and off aswell. As all of your lights go to ground via this switch,this should cure it. Good Luck, Phil.