Tractor Tyres on a Fourtrak


I have a Fourtrak which has failed its MOT and now I use off road around the fields of our farm. It rains all the time here in west-wales and most of the fields are on a slope. Those which are not have areas of bog. And there is plenty of brush and blockthrone. At the moment I just show the fourtrak a slope and it starts skidding. I admit I have got old 215R15 road tyres on.

What I want is a tyre which will really bite into the ground and get grip. This fourtrak has plenty of power but no grip. I will only be using it around the 20mph rate most of the time, so what I am thinking is to put tractor tread type tyres on it, but I can't find anyone that has done this. Anyone got any experience of doing this?

I don't really want to have to buy new wheels, and of course, the cheaper the better as its only a write-off.

Use ebay for cheap tyres

If you use search on this site there is ALOT of tyre chat on this subject, all you need is something that fits a 15" rim, seeings as its an mot right off get a big hammer and swing away at the arches to make room for large tyres lol. Some people use dumper tyres but im more in favour of proper extreme tyre types.

Full of ideas but no time to do them!!
youtube: Redfourtrack

Well I've tried everywhere.

Well I've tried everywhere. And I can't find anyone who'll supply a tractor/chevron tread tyre for a 15" wheel, which is close to the 215/80-15 tyre size I've got on now. I'd go with a 7.5-15 size if I could.

Am I looking in the wrong places? Am I just unlucky??

My only alternative is to get hold of some 16" wheels and get the 7.5-16 size like you can get for a landrover.

For what you want dumper

For what you want dumper tyres sound perfect. As for size though, I don't know. A momber of my off road club used to have a car called the HOG. It was an F50 with a Rover V8 fitted. Was on dumper tyres, and damn near unstopable. i asumed they were 15", but may not have been. Some Lada Niva's had 16" wheels, and are same stud patern. Also some F10-55's had 16" wheels, but VERY narrow. You can make your own (for a round farm job ballance isn't an issue). If you cut the centeres out of a set of Landrover rimes and a set of standard steel Daihatsu rimes you can weld the Daihats center into the Landi rim.
Aulternativly by a set of new Bronco Dimond back 215/15's, or their big brother 31/10.50-15 Grzzly Claws. The Grizzly's would require the wheel arches cut away probably, or some kind of lift. The Dimond backs will go straight on. I had them on an F80, and it handeled itself quite admirably in the snot. The Diumonds are about

Any veiws expresed in this thread by me are purely from my own experience, and (sometimes) falible memory. Hope my comments help, but please don't take them as gospel.

All about grip


In my MK1 Landrover days (pre all this tyre legistation), I used two types of tyre ex military bar grips and dumper tyres (7.50x16) instead of 6.00x16 Dunlops. the ex WD bar grips on the front, because the tractor type tread fouled the chassis on turning to much, which meant one had to hacksaw off part of each tracktion lug/bar on the inboard section of the tyre.

So the set up was ExWD bar grips on the front and dumper tyres on the rear, and at the time this truck was also used for road us, and passed the MOT at the time !!!!!, many years ago !!!. Absolutly lethal on hard packed snow, frosted roads, would slide with the camber , tyre noise on road was like a jet engine ( living/working in the far north of Scotland at the time ) , wet grass on hillsides was almost as bad as ice!!!, impressive in mud and the loose stuff, though if it got to much/sudden traction the grip at the rear was enough to break the main leaf of the rear springs, and it did a number of times. ( a piece of cut to lenght timber and a hi lift jack sorted that out for temporary use)

The performance off road,in the hills was found to be much improved with the addition of ballast, firstly with bags of sand, resuting in loss of what little load space was available, then a slab of 1" steel sheet was bolted in the loadbay, ride comfort improved as well !!, made the springs work, and I regained the load space.

Those were the days !!!!and she ran on a petrol/TVO mix.

I would imagine finding dumper/agri tread pattern tyres in a size to fit Fourtrak rims would be difficult, I would assume buying a set of really agressive remould M/T tyres would be the way to proceed, and fit four, it will help prevent mechanical/transmission problems under severe traction conditions.

Edward (ews) '92 Fourtrak 2.8 TDX