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Hello, another newy here, my name's Tom and I live in Northumberland, at the minute I drive a 1.6d mk1 vw caddy pick up that I have restored. I have always liked old deffenders from about 12 yrs old but I didnt want to spend silly money on one, my dad has just bought a sportrak ELXI and I had a drive in it last night and I love it.

I drive my caddy 40 miles a day to work and back and it is great but sometimes I think to myself, this can't be doing it any good, it's lowered and I spent a fortune painting it, so now i cringe when I hear a stone chip.

Anyways I was hoping to insure the sportrak for work and let my dad use my caddy because he works less than a mile away from home so I know it's safe, but it isn't that easy!! I'm 17 and trying to insure the sportrak is proving to be a nightmare, does anyone know anywhere for cheap insurance? thanks Tom

Its a case of phoning round

Its a case of phoning round for the best deal, or look online for the price comparison websites.

Unfortunately insurance premiums have rocketed for the youngsters due to the idiots which are mainly boy racers.

While most general car

While most general car insurance companies aim to provide cover for a wide range of clients and situations, the sheer variety of cases means that in some situations they might not be best equipped to do so. If you feel that you require a more specialised policy then try going for a car insurance provider that knows how to tailor cover to your needs. For Eg. Young Driver Insurance, Motorcycle Insurance , Classic Car Insurance, Commercial Vehicle Insurance, Car Insurance for Older Drivers, Performance Car Insurance, Caravan Insurance.

Rapid Bonus Car Insurance from the Norwich union is also one the best car insurance agency It gives Flexible car insurance that meets your individual needs - with instant cover online and up to 70% no claims discount. Save 10% off standard rates when you buy online. Rapid Bonus is a new, comprehensive car insurance policy that allows young, safe, drivers to build up their No Claims Discount quickly - hence develop lower future insurance premiums.
There is also an additional discount available if you complete "Pass Plus" Rapid Bonus policies run for 9 months instead of 12 which means that if you don't claim, you get 1 year's no claim discount in just 9 months.

Pass plus

I had looked at doing the pass plus course, and found it would've given me 30% discount on the incurance i was to be insured on, although i decided not to do it due to the fact that the dscount did not count with commercial vehicles, so this was pointless for me as the vehicle i usually drive is a commercial. Although this was with a fourtrak rather than a sportrak

I'm 20 and just insured my

I'm 20 and just insured my 2.8 Diesel Fourtrak for £600 with 1 years no claims with Aviva. It was £1800 last year =/

hi i have insured my sporty


i have insured my sporty with a limited mileage policy, as i have a company car.
so i only use the sporty at weekends,
i insured it on a classic car policy and got quite a good deal, seeing as i have never had my own car insurance!

give them a try,

you can mention my name if you want, but it wont do any good!!!:)