Keyless Entry System (Remote) for Terios



I want to convert my 2003 Terios to remote control keyless entry and I have already purchased the necessary kit from eBay (Item number: 160373553479). I would like to know if anyone has done this and how easy (hard?) is it please Unknw The first problem seems to be getting the inside door trim off so I would appreciate some tips (do's and dont's) as well.


Would not recommend it as

Would not recommend it as many will start if you are nearby with your keys on your person.

This is an issue with such thefts, and insurers are seriously looking at this issue. The vehicles in the USA are experiencing problems where young idiots are moving them into hiding places, or leaving them in the middle of the road.

Until these systems problems have been resolved you might find you are opening up a can of worms.