taft f50 modifycation parts.



I'm currently turning a taft f50 2.5d into an off road beast! However I need some bits for the old girl. I need lifting dampers, snorkle, and a bit of welding... Can anyone help me I'm in doncaster and don't want to travel far at all. I also want to keep her road leagal. Mail order bit's would be ok but the welding is the main issue.

Oh and being from yorkshire I'm tight so cheapness is a must.

Thanks Alex

I think Lovells Springs makes

I think Lovells Springs makes standard and lift springs for them, they certainly did a year or two ago. They are based in Australia (where the F50 is called a Scat). I did contact them about a set but I can't remember the cost, however it wasn't excessive. Maddision 4x4 import their stuff to the UK but are mainly landrover based, it is probably best to email them directly.
For the snorkle probably the easiest solution is to get a Fourtrack airbox and attach it with some hose to a standard snorkel top you can buy from most 4x4 shops. The fourtrack airbox is about the same size as the F50 so should be relatively easy to fit in and is much easier to seal.
For most modifications though you will have to be a bit inventive as there are practically no aftermarket parts available for Daihatsu, even the newer ones struggle.
This site is good for info there are also a few modified F50s on outerlimits4x4.com and daihatsu4x4.eu. There are also some interesting photos at http://www.gonzo4x4.be/Daihatsusite.htm the red softtop F50 on those pages has completely standard suspension and runs 36" tyres.


Thanks chaps after having a look at that red one I'm going to base mine arround that one as it looks like not alot of efort to do. However Dave at blood red has already agreed to sort out a few bits when I get her on the road.