Changing Front Brake Disks


Hi all.... new here!

Just come to change the front brake discs (rotors) on my Fourtrak TDX Estate (think that's right!)....

Anyway, I've not really worked on 4WD's before and was expecting it to be a simple wheel / brake caliper off job..... but no Sad

Is it necessary to remove the hub thing in front of the disc to replace the disc itself.

I have the automatic hubs...

I have tried removing the 8 or so 12mm headed bolts which then allow access to a massive nut behind with locking tab washer.

Does this also need to off? I don't have a socket that size, it'd probably need to be special order and by the look of it it needs to be fairly slim walled too.

What else is there that is behind here that needs to be disassembled to get the discs off.... I don't want to pull something off and not be able to get it back together or have bits flying across the garage 'cos I should have known to do a before b!


Any help appreciated.



Well, I just knocked the 2 bi

Well, I just knocked the 2 big nuts round with a pin punch and pulled the bearing out - only to find that the discs I have ben supplied are not the right ones Cray 2

Good use of a Saturday morning eh!!