Fourtrak Decals


Do's any one know were i can get original fourtrak decals from.The one on the back door of my F78 is missing.

Sticky backed plastic, makes decals


You could try emailing all Diahatsu dealers to see if they have any old stock.

Have a thought here, there are companies out there, that cut/make signage for vans ,ect out of some form of adhesive plastic film, all they would need is the style of lettering/font and I am sure you could get them cut and applied.Or supply an image !!!

Edward (ews) '92 Fourtrak 2.8 TDX


Cheers for that! I have a local guy who do's signage.He did a large yorkshire rose for my spare wheel cover.If i have any joy i will let you know.

Second Edwards comment, i

Second Edwards comment, i have these made in vinyl when i need replacements.

They will need full drawings with the dimensions, and the exact colours, these will then be laser cut and ready for fitting.

You may even negotiate yours for free if you have a local supplier who will keep them on his computer, and you refer other customers.