electric windows slow/intermittent


as the title suggests my electric windows in my sporty have become very slow. they'll go down but struggle to go up. the drivers side window becomes intermittent when going back up also. please help cos its drivin me crackers! Smile also the rear door release has stopped working. help me cos i'm crap at electrics.

Electric Windows

I have the same problem with my sporty I have been told to grease up the window tracks before doing anything drastic like changing the motor but I have not yet investigated them so can't tell you whats involved.


No dont grease them.

Use pure silicon spray on the tracks either side of the window (with window down) ie the bit of felt runner around the inside of the window.

Halfrauds sell silicon spray although you can use most of the "dash & trim sheen " stuff as this is normally silicon.

wind window down
spray in either side of tracks
wind window up and down a few times
re spray and repaeat.

Its will take 5 / 6 times up n down and then the window will start to get quicker.

Do this every 4 months or so and you will never have a problem with elec windows



This is spot on advice. I ju

This is spot on advice. I just thought I'd stick my tow pence worth in to explain why you shouldn't use greas. Simply put greas will chemicaly breack down rubber over time. In the case of your windows this will cause the rubber to become sticky and break up, inceasing your problem rather than solving it.

Any veiws expresed in this thread by me are purely from my own experience, and (sometimes) falible memory. Hope my comments help, but please don't take them as gospel.

i tried what you suggested bu

i tried what you suggested but no luck Sad when you try to put the window up, the motor will try for a bit then stop. it then won't even try to move no matter what you do with the switch, then as if by magic the motor will start again without pressing anythin. also the window will occasionally work fine for 2 or 3 winds of the window then revert back to being slow with the intermittent problem. i don't think i'm destined to ever have working electric windows as every car i've had has had really slow windows which require you to give them a helping push just to get them to go up Cray 2