'97 TD 4 track engine slow to start.


Engine spins a good few times before starting. This problem developed quite suddenly.

Poor starter !!!

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This could be due to the ingress of air into the fuel line, due to a pin hole leak or slack fuel line unions, allowing the fuel to drain back to the tank, thus the engine has to self bleed before the fuel gets through the system.

Is this for all start ups or only for example, when the truck is left overnight.

Check the fuel line for tell tale wet spot/area.

If this is just on "cold" starting, get the heater plugs checked as well.

Edward (ews) '92 Fourtrak 2.8 TDX

4 track engine slow to start.

Thanks for prompt response.The longer the truck is left the more engine revolutions are required.Dodgy non return valve in filter houseing has been suggested too.I'll check fuel lines pronto.This problem is compounded by duration between starts.Is there an in-tank pump?,if so is it controlled by a relay(lucas blue box 5 pin)mounted on bulkhead,passenger side?.

Further to Edwards excellent

Further to Edwards excellent synopsis, check the non return valve in the fuel filter housing, these sometimes leak or go all together and syphon the fuel from the filter back to the tank.

From a cold start:

Leave the vehicle overnight and try to bleed the fuel filter, if a lot of air comes out it is the non return valve. Bleed the system and try to start it straight away, if it starts properly you have diagnosed and confirmed the problem.

Two options exist, replace the diesel filter housing as these are intergral in the unit, or fit an external non return valve in the fuel feed line.

TD 4 track engine slow to start

Thanks for your prompt response.I'll bleed the filter first thing in the morning and check for air.I've Is there an in-tank pump?;if so is,it controlled by a relay(lucas blue box,5 pin) mounted on bulkhead,passenger side?