94/95 sportrak running problems please help


The engine is idling sporadically up and down between 1000 and 2000 revs constantly changing , and also the temp gauge is not working , we have changed the sensor located just beneath the dizzy cap but still nothing , if anyone can help with these it would be great , many thanks in advance , Matt Smile

Begin with the temperature

Begin with the temperature sensor, this causes the majority of the problems as it drops into limp home mode, this gives a fixed value rather than a variable one.

thanks for the advice Anyone

thanks for the advice Smile
Anyone else got anything to try just incase the sensor isnt to blame ( which will be the first thing to try Smile )

In 99% of all cases it is the

In 99% of all cases it is the sensor, anything other than that usually requires the fault codes to be read.


having my temperature sensor changed tomorrow had to go to a main dealer as aftermarket ones are different cost me £40 hoping it will rectify the problems i had similar to yours


If the temp gauge is not working then the thermostat could be the problem. If the thermostat is stuck 'open' then you would get the problems you experience.