Sportrak Rear Wiper Fuse


I have fitted a new wiper motor and though the washer works fine, the rear wiper does not work

I only have a basic wiring diagram and it suggests there is a fuse for the motor - Can anyone tell me where I can find the fuse for the rear wiper motor?

It is a second hand unit -

It is a second hand unit - tested and working

All fuses in the box seem to be Okay(Drivers footwell)but I cant find out which fuse actually supplies it as it is not identified on the listing.

The only other electrics which do'nt work is the cigarette lighter which has no power supply but once more the fuse is OK (assuming it is the one marked Cig!)

Can anyone tell me what the three wires on the wiper motor do as I have no means of identifying the colour code.

Does the Service guide on here have all this information because the one I have certainly doesnt. If so I will buy one.

This driving me mad - it seems Daihatsu are a law unto themselves when it comes to wiring

Trace the wiring back, if it

Trace the wiring back, if it is inline it will be in the rear door on certain models, and there will be one in the fusebox.

Some other variants had a small thermal or overload trip fitted between the motor plug and motor, this was designed to trip the motor if the wiper was frozen to the rear screen. These were a small plastic lump, from memory it was blue, so could be defective if fitted.

Have you got power to the motor? if so it is a problem with the motor, if not trace the wiring back to where you have got power once the fuses are checked.

Sorry - this is a 92/93

Sorry - this is a 92/93 Sportrak ELXi and the wiper motor is the three wire type not the two wire - I have a spare two wire motor if anyone needs one