I have a @09 TERIOS(love it) and had tow hitch/single electrics fitted by a locally very well known agent.
It get's interesting though!!!-- WHY IS IT ALWAYS THE RIGHT SIDE????
My trailer which is fairly new has TWO sets of lights - lower & upper:
INDICATORS work fine: SIDELIGHTS work fine: BRAKE lights work fine:
FOG light is fine: BUT when I switch on HAZARDS - whoops!!
I get one very fast flash, then nothing. I UNPLUG the trailer and the car
hazards work again. NOW I have to replace offside indicator bulbs EVERY time this happens.
( I had similar with a vauxhall before,but was just constant replacement of offside indicator bulbs).
I there a relay which is being overloaded/tripped??? - handbook is not much use!! HEEEEELLP


It turned out the problem was simply that the flasher unit was overloaded. BUT you try finding a heavy duty 8 pin flasher unit!!!
I overcame the problem eventually by fitting LED lights to the trailer so now the flasher doesn't think it has any extra load---- problem solved - now ALL my trailer lights work.

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trailer lights /LED's


Do you get a response from the dash trailer warning light, a legal requirement, when a trailer is towed. ( flash once when trailer not connected, then in time when trailer connected)

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Terios Trailer/Lights

Hi All, On my o9 Terios I have the same trouble with the Hazard Lights Indicators, Switch on the Hazard Lights and no lights flash on the rear of the Terios plus also the trailer ,If you switch on the right or left indicators they flash very quick as if there were a bulb out, all other lights work fine, And these are all Brand NEW Daihatsu Parts that have been fitted,Tow bar, DACC2135 wiring kit plus Parking Distance Sensors costing over