Falken LA/AT's - 265/70/15


Hi all,

Has anyone had these tyres on their Fourtrak before? if so what did you think of them? I hear they are ok in the dry and not bad off-road, but can be a bit twitchy in the wet compared to others?

Also what are the pro's and cons of 265/70/15 over the standard 255/70/15? I know the size difference, just wondered if it would hamper the 'Trak any with the bigger size?


Most feedback i have is that

Most feedback i have is that they are a good dry tyre but a little unstable in the wet, good off road, but their life is short when compared to similar brands.
As these were from good sources i have not tried them myself, but driven vehicles with them fitted, and yes they are unpredictable in the wet.

thanks Assassin...

...that confirms the rest of the reviews I've come across, good to hear from someone who has actually driven on them too. I'll hold out for the Grabber AT2's to come back in stock.