fourtrak rear number plate


Hi all, does anybody know why the rear number plate housing has to be so elaborate? curious really as mine is battered i am considering removing all of it and mounting a square plate direct to the back door with a trailer light fitting

Light on the numbers !!!!!

Here's one I made. The internals of the original had rotted out. So after much deliberation and thought, plus many beers, I came up with this. Two trailer number plate lights, with a reversing light between. Cost I belive less than a tenner, for parts. Reversing light added extra to the wiring. Mounted on the plastic stand off unit, less the original unit. Others have posted re mounting directly on back door.

Edward (ews) '92 Fourtrak 2.8 TDX

It is all to do with

It is all to do with regulations regarding the visibility and its visibility from various angles to comply with European legislation. It is predominantly because the spare wheel is rear door mounted.

I had a Suzuki SJ which had

I had a Suzuki SJ which had that done to it. The local Law pulled me over one day, and made me romove the spare wheel and put it inside the car, as it was obscuring the plate. i think from their faces when i got out the jeep they were expecting a piply skined just passed driving test type they could pick on, not the 30 odd year old in uniform they got. Didn't even ask me to produce documents. Still made me take the wheel off though...

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