Feroza reverse gear problem.


Hi all,
First post here after reading lots looking for clues,both here and many other forums.

I have a 96'Feroza SX11 (Australian model)which I have owned for 4 years.

It´s never missed a beat (Until now!).

Drove to a local shop, and when I came out, couldn´t engage reverse gear.

No grinding and all 5 forward gears are as usual.Reverse position feels like it is blocked solid.

Drove home and checked free wheel hubs, 4wd selection clutch, etc.

All the info I had found so far online suggested an issue with
a bolt/nut that holds R/5th gear selector, and usually people mistake this for the trans fluid level/topup bolt and undo it therefore causing the problem. I haven´t undone this bolt recently and do use the correct bolt as listed in my owner´s manual for fluid topup.

However, after reading this site´s past posts, there appears to be a common, almost legendary fault where
the locknut on the mainshaft in the transfer case comes

What odds this is my problem?

And also any repairs needed will be DIY after being quoted AU$650 to have a look by first shop and AU$1000 to drop the gearbox and up to AU$3000 ¨depending what´s wrong¨ to fix it.

Thought my gearbox repairing days were over, the
last time was a Borg Warner single rail 15 years ago
and again that was inspired by a quote from a shop...........

Hi and welcome


Just a thought on this, as not any pratical experience,though from reading other posts on Fourtrack gear box's.

The infamous nut, possible. Suggest you read all the posts.

You have discounted any possibility of mistaken identity with the level plug.

I understand there is is a dentent mechanism involving 5th/Reverse, I think there have been post's on this issue before. I think this may be where you problem is.

I belive "assassin" has made a post on this subject. I will do a search and see if I can find the relevant post.

I will suggest, may they forgive me , you contact "assassin" and or "bundyrumandcoke" via private message box, "bundy" is an Ausralian member, your neck of the woods,

Edward (ews) '92 Fourtrak 2.8 TDX

Save you the trouble, the

Save you the trouble, the gear selector mechanism comprises selector rods which run in bored castings, these have various attachments to engage and disengage.

These are pinned to the selector shafts with roll pins, sometimes they move and most do not cause problems. One part of the selector mechanism is in a tight part of the casting at the front end of the selector mechanism, if amy of these roll pins protrude more than 1mm they catch.

If they come out near the corner of a casting it limits their movement to only a few degrees which inhibits certain gears, or just one gear.

Suggest you check the nut first.