Buying a Fourtrak


Ive been offered a fourtrak independent, about a 97reg but not sure as havnt seen it yet, its in good condition and well looked after! currently belongs to a friends mum and i know its well looked after!

Are there any points to look for when looking to buy?
like any areas to check for rust etc?

Im completely new to this so any help would be much appreciated!



normal stuff seems to be

normal stuff seems to be rust.
Check under rear carpet, especially around the rear wheel arches and all seams. Also sills, and top inside of rear wheel arches.

'94 Fourtrak Independent

Hi. As "Windy" says, also


As "Windy" says, also check the tube which runs between the chassis rails, seems some folk are having a problem with due to corrosion, check for working front auto hubs, wheel bearing noise, front and rear. Check for operation of 4WD system.Also carry out the checks one would normaly do with a pre owned truck.

The engine is pretty bullet proof, if it has been service regulary,same with gearbox and axles.

If you purchase come back and folks will give you a run down on what to do to, what oils to use , ect. Help give you a trouble free time, suggestions for giving it your first service, a good going over all easy to do, as it helps give piece of mind to ownership of a pre owned truck, and helps you find your way around it.

Edward (ews) '92 Fourtrak 2.8 TDX

Thanks, im going to look at


im going to look at it on Sunday when i get back from the rugby in cardiff, taking a friend from the pub who used to be a mechanic and has worked on alot of 4x4s before! ive got a few more details on it now, its a 99 T Reg, 73289 miles, MOT Nov 09, only used offroad to tow horse trailer around fields apparently.

If its in good condition how much would you expect to pay?

ill take a few photos if i can, I know its a nice car, wel at least i remember it being a nice car, i had had alot to drink last time i saw it!