Sportrak running issues


OK, I have a 96 Sportrak ELXi 1.6i. 4000 miles in the last month no problems - gave it an oil change 2000 miles in. However - last week I left the car at home and my wife yoused it. Last Friday I tried to start it and it wouldn't start.

engine cranked but no bite - strong smell of petrol.

checked spark - ok
fuel - ok
timing - ok

removed air unit still wouldn't start.

I reckoned that the issue was the strength of the spark - strong at coil so have today replaced dizzy cap, rotor arm and leads -

this time she started after a while but runs horribly - lumpy stalls when revs are dropped and lupms along at low revs.

I suspect I have connected the HT leads wrongly - and a cylinder is misfiring (not firing)

can anyone let me know the firig sequence and which plug goes to which dizzy point?


Firing order is

Firing order is 1-3-4-2.

Remove the rocker cover and spark plugs, and turn the engine until no 1 is at the top, check the valves on number 4 are on the rock. On the rock means one valve is opening and the other is closing, you may have to turn the engine to see this, and in its correct direction of rotation.
If no 1 is on the rock it is firing on number 4, so continue rotating until no 1 piston is at the top and number 4 valves are on the rock.

Remove the distributor cap and see which lead lines up in the cap, place number one in this position. Continue rotating the engine to see the direction of rotation of the rotor arm, obviously the next will be No3, and 4 and 2.