Fourtrak purchase possibly tomorrow, how do I check 4WD?



I am off to see a Fourtrak tomorrow and have a pretty decent idea of what to look for in relation to rust, engine troubles etc... I have never looked at or driven a 4x4 before tho so how do I check the 4wd system? I know there is the small gear lever which selects ratio but what exactly do I have to do to check all this? Any advice would great as I am seeing it tomorrow afternoon and a bit wet behind the ears on off roaders!

Any areas likely to pick up rust that I should concentrate on in particular?

Hope I can get a deal on it!

hi, well i am no

hi, well i am no expert.....

but when i checked the 4 wheel drive in my sportrak, i put it in 4wd and drove slowly, then a little bit quicker, so i could listen to any noises!, i then turned the wheel to the left and right again to see if i could hear anything that sounded dodgy...
i even then reversed for a short distance, and then got out, had a quick smell around the transmision area, and looked for any signs of leaks etc....
as as everything seemed ok, i haggled, then bought it!!..

and its been brill so far.

good luck, and i hope all goes well for you..

p.s. remember i am a novice too, so hopefully someone who knows there stuff will tell you what is the proper way to test the 4wd system.

Cheers, I will give that a

Cheers, I will give that a go. Its actually putting it in 4WD I am am unsure on? Don't laugh, I have just never had to do it before! Isn't there some sort of switch on the dash?

well on the sportrak there is

well on the sportrak there is a lever down by the gear stick, and it has markings on, but the guy selling it will show you..

relax, he wants to sell it, not laugh at you not knowing anything!!

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How to test 4x4, so many variants of the system fitted to Fourtraks. What year/model, as to the front axle as per what model/year was fitted with alternative front hubs, these take the drive from the front half shafts to the wheels. Fixed, Manual or Auto Hubs, only the older/first imported models had the Fixed Hubs fitted. others had the Manual or Auto Hubs fitted.

Selection of Front Axle drive on the earlier models was via the Transfer Stick, Hi 2WD, Hi 4WD, Lo 4WD, on the later models, the transfer stick worked in conjuction with a dash mounted switch, selection only enabled 2HI or 4LO, selection of 4Hi required you to engage the dash switch, which works via a vacumm solidiod actuating a switch in the gearbox.

A field test or suspending with all wheels hanging free and engaging the front hubs if applicable and selecting the options available, or jacking up the front wheels, locking the front hubs, engaging 4lo and rotating a wheel, the opposite wheel should rotate in the reverse direction, while the front prop is stationary.

Potential problems in the 4x4 system can be due to poor electrical contact in the dash mounted switch, leaks in the vacumm piping, worn out/damaged/crud filled Auto Hubs,wear in the splines on the sliding section of the front prop shaft, failure of the vacuum switches in the gear box

As for other problems read this post.

It would have helped if you had given site members more notice of your potential purchase, more replies would have given you a broader base of info.Any way get the seller to give you in writing that the 4x4 works along with any warrenty, unless bought as seen !!!!

Edward (ews) '92 Fourtrak 2.8 TDX