Noisy 1st select on TDX gearbox


Hello to all, just joined the forum.
I bought my first Fourtrak yesterday,what looks to be a pretty well looked after 1993 TDX.
There was only one fault of note, which wasn't enough to put me off buying it as there seems to be few clean examples around at the money I paid.
Selecting 1st and occasionally 2nd from cold is sometimes a little crunchy, generally second is worst, but it soon passes when warm. Worn synchro?
Worse comes to worse, how tough a job is fitting a second hand /recon box?
Finally I saw a gearbox oil additive from Lucas on Ebay that is supposed to great for prolonging life and preventing wear, has anyone tried this stuff please.Thanks

A guess from me

I would guess the syncro is on its way out, not an expert though, on the last gearbox that we had to changed it was worse changing down into second. (good experience to be able to "double declutch" within about 2 months of passing my driving test)

From my experience of taking a gearbox out (of a '97/'98 TDS) it isnt too hard, just a bit fiddly getting to all the bell housing bolts, and when you know where all the bolts are its easier!!

Just wondering, would it be worth changing the clutch at the same time?

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Okay, the second gear takes a lot of wear due to the uses,like pulling livestock trailers that previous owners used them for.

Does it jump out of 2nd in a power on/power off situation, or just reluctance to select 2nd gear.

As a first remedy change the Gearbox oil, use a EP 90 grade oil, and you fill find the Fill/level plug on the drivers side. ( DO NOT remove the plug on the pass side of the gear box, this is at the same level), by all means replace some of the gear oil with a moly or similar additive, we have a contributor "assassin" who is well qualified and recomends this addition.

If you use the "Search Box" there are posts on gearbox removal re a Foutrak. Also there is the (IMFAMOUS NUT) gearbox nut, in the rear of the gearbox, this also can cause selection problems, again many posts on this.

I run a '92 Fourtrak TDX and had problems with selecting 2nd gear when cold, lived with it and just double de clutched when changing down, though syncro/gear wear has now got to the point where i have to be aware that "she" may jump out of gear on a power on/off situation and have to drive with this in mind !!!

Edward (ews) '92 Fourtrak 2.8 TDX

Gear selction trouble...

Thanks for both replies so far- I think at this stage its a minor issue, there is certainly no jumping out of gear. The guy that sold me the truck also supplied a clutch kit with it, so if I did put another box in i would do the clutch at the same time, yes.Double declutching a possible solution for now,(or switch straight up to 3rd) and this issue aside it is an absolutely cracking little 4x4- drives better than the Land Rovers and Hiluxes I've had so far, a hell of a lot of vehicle for £950.