what to do with my fourtrack


I have a 1995 fourtrak TDS that has a major welding problem on the chassis. It is a lovely runner and had new clutch, cam belt and other stuff over the last 18months. Not sure whether to break it or sell it as a whol. Any ideas? thanks


What is the welding that it requires?? i take it its an mot failure. Just cos someone says welding needs to be done doesnt mean the end of a good vehicle.

Full of ideas but no time to do them!!

youtube: Redfourtrack

rear cross member?

Is it something like the rear cross member (above the back axle?) if it is got two sat in our shed, one with a shot engine and is being used for parts, the other being used for shunting trailers and other stuff, need to look at that one a bit more to see how hard it is to salvage it for off road use (to stop the back axle falling out).

The one with the shot engine is a TDS, the other is a TDL (both commercial's)

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So as your post, you have decided to scrap your Fourtrak, no disrespect, but you have decided. It must be bad to have reached that decision. Though you ought to get a second opinion. If its a rear chassis cross member , it can be repaired/replaced, and there is no reason a skilled welder could not repair the chassis rails. Assuming the chassis is not distorted.

If you dismantle yourself, you will need to take into the account the time/skills it will take to remove the items required by the buyers of the respective parts, period of time it will remain on your hands, while adverising parts, disposal of the carcase. Higher relisation of value. less your costs. (Greater value as parts than as a whole but more work/time/cost)

If you sell as seen, example MOT failure for spares or rebuild, Little time/effort involved and less costs. All you do is advertise and the purchaser collects and takes away. ( Less value relised than above, but then less work/time/cost involed)

It really is six of one and half a dozen of the other.

I have recently purchased a '92 Fourtrak TDX, MOT failure for spares, due to a leaking front hub seal for £350.

Edward (ews) '92 Fourtrak 2.8 TDX