Info needed regarding replacing engines in Sportrak


Hi I have a P reg 1.6 elxi Sportrak with a good engine in and i have a N reg 1.6i Limited Sportrak with a duff engine in , can these be swapped over easily or are the differences in the mounts etc ... or problems with the ECU accepting the new engine , going to have a bash this weekend so any preadvice would be very grateful many thanks Matt Smile

To begin with you will need

To begin with you will need the engine codes, if these are identical, it should not prove too much of a problem. Different years had the ECU programmed differently, so compare the ECU parts numbers to see if they are the same.

If they are not then you will need to change the corresponding components, ECU, wiring, and any other ancillaries. Take photos of items which are different to compare, and allow you to make the comparisons when you fit the engine.

This should be reasonably straightforward as you have two complete vehicles.