Rocky (Sportrak) CD manual on eBay


Just been looking on eBay, and for anyone interested there's a "1991 Daihatsu Rocky Shop Repair manual" (on CD) for sale in america, buy it now is set at $29 (=£17.72). I know the Rocky is what we in the UK call the Sportrak, so i'd assume the manual would be relavent?

Its item number 2417129829, or go to...

storing the sportrak sunroof within

Hi guys,

Great site by the way. My query is, when one removes the front sunroof of their sportrak or Rocky - is there a way of storing it within the vehicle without scratching it. I actually managed to fit mine snugly behind the back seats, front end down, outside of the roof facing out the back and the curved ends curled around the roll bars. One has to stand up on the back steps and slide the roof into place. It is a little tricky, but i managed it - only to discover that i had scraped the roof during the operation. Any ideas or similar experinces appreciated.

storing the sportrak sunroof within

hello rocky,

i had the same thing happen today . . .BUGGER ! ! ! anyway, i made a quick trip down to wickes, to pickup some of the foamy pipe insulation. well, they didn't have any. i was thinking of wrapping it around the roll bars as that's exactly where it gets the scratches (i did precisely the same as you and put little dents on the edges). maybe there's a soft top for the front part of the vehicle?? also, i guess you could make a little bag for it. line the interior with something that will not scratch it. i'll let you know how my persuits go (otherwise it's back to the saab for the summer)