Engine swap


Just a quick question for the more mechanically-minded than myself...
I want to get the 'Trak back running again by getting another engine; mine is a 93 2.8 TDL, would a mk2 turbo diesel from a 96 Fieldman be compatible?
I'm hoping so; it's missing the turbo, but the one on mine is seemingly okay.
Thanks in advance

The engine will fit, but you

The engine will fit, but you cannot fit the turbo to a non turbo engine, the non turbo engine has a higher compression than a turbo engine. Turbo engines had their compression ratio's lowered to compensate for this, and the fuel system is calibrated differently on turbo and non turbo engines.

Sorry, its not posted

Sorry, its not posted correctly.

If it is a turbo unit, which it should be, the turbo from your engine will fit but may require the exhaust manifold from your engine swapping over.

Some Fieldman were non turbo, others turbo engines, so watch for this.

Thank you. Chap says it's a

Thank you. Chap says it's a turbo engine but turbo has been sold separately. I was more concerned with attaching to the gearbox etc. really only because I was told that 'traks changed in late 93 & mine was possibly on the cusp of that change, (by change I mean going over to coil as opposed to leaf spring etc). This may of course be misinformation from the previous owner but I assumed he had knowledge of these things.
Thank you again for the replies.

'93 Fourtrak 2.8TDL

Not a real issue as the

Not a real issue as the gearboxes bell housings are only held on by four bolts, clean the inside of the bellhousing and you will see them.

Swap if required and coat the bolts with threadlocking compound before reassenbly.