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Have you adjusted the fuel

Have you adjusted the fuel pump yet Parrot? Is it going to be worth me messing around with mine seeing as its non-turbo?

yea ive upped my boost

yea ive upped my boost fueling and my max power fueling,next i will fit a bigger intercooler and then up the boost a bit and then fit a free flowing snorkle then i will do a power run as it only cost's

When I had the MOT on

When I had the MOT on Wednesday I got 1.32 on the smoke with the non-turbo limit

I just looked at my pump, and I can only see one screw, its on the "back" of the pump and is above the outlets for the injectors. Its a funny screw, it has a locking nut and then a sort of shaft and then a thread with a flat screwdriver head. The bolt has holes for locking wire, but there is none there. Is this one of the screws?

Edit: Here is a pic of the screw and one of the pump(sort of), sorry for the poor quality.

yes thats the max power

yes thats the max power screw,screw it in 1/4 of a turn and then see what the smoke is like and take it for a spin to see if it goes any better,try useing some 2 stroke if it smokes too much about 300ml-70l of derv

Will-do, thanks parrot.

Will-do, thanks parrot.

Did you take the top off and move the diaphragm?

Was it easy tp do, just

Was it easy tp do, just remove the 6 alen bolts? Does anything fall out when you remove the "head". The drive is gravel so if anything drops down its going to be lost for ever lol

you cant do it on yours as

you cant do it on yours as its non turbo so only turn in the bolt on the side above the pipes

A adjusted the screw, but it

I adjusted the screw, but it was already in almost to maximum. I screwed it in a little more, with no black smoke I could see. It did raise the idle speed from 550rpm to just over 650rpm though. Maybe it being screwed in already is why I was so close to failing the MOT smoke test....

yea it sounds like it has

yea it sounds like it has been played with before,best to take it back to how it was to be sure its ok

I'll leave it and see how it

I'll leave it and see how it plays out. After reading that thread you posted about 2 stroke oil, I might start adding it to my fuel. Do they sell it in larger amounts that 4l? I'll go to Mole Vally tomorrow and see if they sell a 5 gallon drum or similar. Did you notice any improvement from adjusting your pump Parrot?

yea its made the truck go

yea its made the truck go better i dont need to floor it as much to go faster,you can get 2 stroke on ebay in i think 25L drums but it wont be cheap,try looking in a lawn mower place

Ok thanks, I'll see what I

Ok thanks, I'll see what I can find.

Where do you get yours from, and you only buy it in small amounts?


cooking oil and 2stroke and some derv


Care to explain your fuel mix. As I have run a 50/50 Derv and New Rapeseed Oil(cooking oil)mix for sometime, with out the need for any addition of a 2 stroke (oil) additive.

Is this mix you are using cost effective in relation to the cost of Derv/Diesel, what is the purpose of the addition of the 2 stroke (oil) additive, what is the ratio of all components of the mix you use, and the cost per liter compared to derv/diesel. Care to advise us on this !!!!

Edward (ews) '92 Fourtrak 2.8 TDX

i found out about it on the

i found out about it on the transit and hilux pickup owners club websites and every time ive asked about it it always seems that most people use or know about it so it is widely known just not publisted that much.what i have found out when asking is that redx has a lot of 2 stroke in but dont know how true that is its just what people have said

Adding 2stroke oil to diesel

An interesting comment.

Have just put "2T oil and diesel" into my "Firefox" web browser, Lots of reading !!!!!. Interesting comments about "low sulphur" diesel and wear problems with injector systems, and also real/imagined benifits, due to smoother running engines/less smoke and some fuel saving.

The link from "parrotveasey", seems to have a most interesting discusion and the best explanation. This original post seems to have gone round the world, you find reference to it on many sites.

The subject takes me back to the days when garages had a "RedX" (upper cylinder lubricant)pump on the forcourt and they gave your petrol engined car a shot or two of the product, for a few pence.

Also noted while browsing these sites, comments on the different "cetane" value of the diesel offered re supermarket fuel stations and the major brands ie Shell/Esso ect, thats also interesting re certain diesels not seeming to be running happily on supermarket fuel.

Edward (ews) '92 Fourtrak 2.8 TDX

I've heard stories of

I've heard stories of supermarket fuels causing problems ever since they all moved into filling stations. I don't know if there is any truth in it though.

I bought some 2 stroke oil today(5l-

try it for 2 weeks then go

try it for 2 weeks then go back to just derv for 2 weeks that way you will see the difference thats what i did and now i will never go back,god did it sound rough well thats what i thought but the bloke next door( the one i got it off)said that sounds better what have you done so even if you dont use it every tank full it still helps the engine

facts and data


Okay, so you have done all that you say, so lets have some data, before and after, real data not percieved !!! and also the costs involved,even at leasted any impact on MPG . I take it your not interested whether the engine can survive these mods for any lenght of time.

I am afraid I have the opinion that your view is to use it and blow it up and get another!!, if this is the case , what a waste !!!!. Grateful all it tells us is what not to do!!! Experiment by all means, but you must have data to prove or disprove !!!!!

Edward (ews) '92 Fourtrak 2.8 TDX

once ive fitted a bigger

once ive fitted a bigger intercooler,free flow air filter and upped my boost a bit i will do a rolling road power run to see how much all this has given me over std,i get about 28mpg taken it easy but that can drop to 15-20mpg if i give it some,i dont tow so i can not say mpg for that,every engine was designed detuned because that way it will last when the owner does not service it right and uses carp fuel(not all countrys have good fuel)so as long as you dont go to mad and keep it serviced good it will/should be just as relible as before.once i get a rr test done i will report back with FACTS AND DATA i will not do this after every mod as a power run cost

Fueled of interest

This is a very interesting topic about fuel and what the ec are doing, gordon brown must be in on it, puts the fuel costs up and makes it less efficient, sounds like a right labour scam to me lol, its also doubly interesting to me because i know of fellow land owners who have had to use red diesal in the past because of fuel strikes ( but used fuel cards etc all above board), who then reported an increase in there twin cab crappy pickups of more than 100 miles or more extra on full tanks of fuel hmmmmm!

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