Small Dents have appeared


This is going to sound strange but small dents have appeared
on my bonnet and about two on my front wings.I drive to work and park right out side my firm with everybody going backwards and forwards pass where my car is and no one has seen anybody damaging it.And when i get home my car always goes in my garage and never goes outside my house.Everybody seems puzzled
by it but someones obviously damaging it somehow .Does anyone know how to get them out without respraying the whole bonnet. I'm gutted as my sportrak is my pride and joy.The dents are about the size of a ten pence piece


You could try to blemish them out try rolling up a chamis leather to support the back of it and
tap out with a soft mallet be careful not to blister paint or its a respray job the next thing to do is wait till you spot the so so's then baseball bat them.


Firstly dont star trying to bash them out, if you stretch the metal you will never get them out completely.

As long as the paint is intack then you need to get a PDR (paintless dent removal) company to get them out.

Its what i do for a living (Hence the name paintandtrim). Where abouts are in the country?

PDR is part of a system called smart repairs, its used in the motor trade but more and more the gen public is getting to know about it. To see what i mean visit my website :-

any questions stick them on here and i will try to answer you so you know what is involved and you dont get ripped off.