Have any Cuore in England?


Hi to everyone,
I membered your site two days ago.?t's very nice and sharefully.
I'm living at ?stanbul / Turkey.Have ever been Turkey?

I want to ask a question for drivers U.K. as belown:
I can not see any topic or photo about Daihatsu Cuore in your site.
maybe this model local name was diffrent from my country.

I have a cuore / 2007 / 41.000 km / AT AC ABS.

All the best for you DEAR FUN's!!!

Hi There and welcome to the

Hi There and welcome to the site.

The cars Daihatsu sell in the U.K may vary, but there was once the cuore sold in this country but no longer. The only new models you can purchase from a Daihatsu U.K dealership are:

- Materia
- Sirion
- Terios
- Copen

I beleive you could get the Cuore, but not seen anything mentioned. Hopefully someone who has owned/owns one will come forward Wink

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Yes there are many Cuore's

Yes there are many Cuore's here. They were sold under different names - Cuore upto 2003, Charade from 2003-2007, and Sirion from 2007 onwards. I am a lucky owner of one Smile And it is my second Cuore.