Return Spring on Accelerator Knackered


After driving my fourtrak 2.8TD on the motorway for 4-6 hours I have the slight problem of the return spring on the accelerator stretching out and min RPM setting itself to as high as 2500.

Can the spring be stretched back, if not where can I pick one up from, as the traders I have spoken to say they can't get them.

S'funny but exactly the same

S'funny but exactly the same thing happened to me the other day. Pulled over after a longish drive and the engine was revving very hard...hmm I thought what the hell is that Unknw
On further investigation the accelerator return spring seemed to have stretched or got stuck...I physically pulled the accelerator pedal upwards with my hand and all returned to normal and has stayed that way since....simple solution..but hey it worked.

Assuming yours is the same as

Assuming yours is the same as mine, and every 2.8 either turbo'd or not, that I've seen is, the return springs (there are 2) are on top of the fuel pump body, under the throttle lever which the end of the throttle cable connects to. They are actually coiled springs, one inside the other. Its possible the hook on one end of one of the springs has broken off. Disconnect the throttle cable, and manually work the throttle lever. If it doesnt return completely, then you can undo the locknut, and remove the lever. Take notice of where the springs hook in. You may be able to bend a new hook on the end of the spring, if it is broken.
Alternatively, your cable could be siezing up through lack of lubrication, mud/gunk, or breaking wire strands.
You could always add an extension spring between the lever and a suitable part of the motor.
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