2005 Terios


Hi to all. Have been looking to purchase Terios Sport, and have just test driven one with 28,000 on clock, and in super condition. However, reason for this post, is that whilst all appeared well initially, when travelling at 50mph on a straight piece of road, all of a sudden the car tracked dreadfully to the left - very unnerving! It also seemed to be prone to movement by road surface condition and side winds. Now I am unsure whether all or any of this could be due to the tyres (which may have been under inflated), or wheel size (the Sport has I think 17" diam. wheels with 205mm wide tyres). Quite honestly , I was put off by this experience. Question to other Terios owners - how does yours drive? Should the drive train be any noisier when diff lock is on, as this was the case with this one. Any comments would be welcomed. Thanks.