Hi from a Materia Driver !


Hi all

Well just come across this site, never knew it existed lol, Well i am the proud owner of a 57 plate Daihatsu Materia in Red.
Have owned " Marvin " since new and he is def a eye catcher, people often stand there and look and point at him as not many about.
He has been smashed once by a teenage driver changing a cd and never noticed i had stopped, and this was 2 weeks before my wedding and my Marvin was due to be my wedding car, so hence at last minute we had to hire something else.
But am still loving him, even though i do not drive him as often now, as is my husbands car and he uses it daily for work.
He is feeling sorry for himself now , as some kind yobbo decided to rip the wing mirror off, despite calling main dealers here in Essex, i nearly choked at the £170 they wanted just for the mirror unit, despite the motor still works they say that does not come without the motor which i find hard to believe, so now trying to source one from a breakers trouble is noone has heard of them !
And excess is more than that so cant do it on insurance.
Well had my pratle now, nice to meet you all


Hi and welcome

Hi Pollie.

I hope some of the car owners come forward to help put "Marvin" back to good order. Lots of car folks here, so lets hope some one can help.

Edward (ews) '92 Fourtrak 2.8 TDX