Shocks for spring over axle fourtrak


Just taken two days to do the conversion and i`m now running 33x12.5x15 tyres on Wolfrace alloys (with 1 1\4" wheel spacers!!!)It drives like a dream and with a good view(!). The only drawback is that the original adjustable shocks have very little travel left in them and i want to replace them with heavy duty ones and would like to know if any body has any ideas what vehicle i can rob them from or as a last resort i suppose i can buy a set!

Shocks for spring over axle fourtrak

Yo Cookie,

I did the SOA conversion a while ago and welded a new hookup point for the original shocks. After a while those got busted and simply went to the nearest car shop with the right specs and they fitted me a pair.
Best think for you I think is enjoy the original ones by making a new hookup point on the axel side.

Ride is like the wind and I enjoy every moment of it.
Check out the gallerie and post yours to.



Shocks for spring over axle

Hey Gilly,
Thanks for the reply, i did think about this but i was advised to look at my shocks at the last MOT test, they were not bad but i thought i could change them now i`ve done the conversion. I will post pictures as soon as i can replace my lost digi-camera after i move house(!?) The next thing to do is a respray in "JCB" yellow i think!! but this is on the back burner for a while till i get the house move over.
Keep the faith, Cookie

P.S i`ve done this conversion on a couple of Suzukis but now i`ve grown up!!

33s on a fourtrak

been concidering spring over on my fourtrak ,it has a 2inch lift and extended shackles. someone told me the daihatsu axles are cast. if this is so is there a problem welding them?. and the front u bolt goes through the dif casing how did you get past that problem?

Lift up your fourtrak!!

When i did the conversion i had no problems in welding the new saddles over the axle, to be honest i didn`t even think that they would be cast anyway and thinking about it cast axles would be a bit daft on an off road truck, i know the Japs are inventive and all but!
The diff case has 2 different sized u bolts as you said so when you swap the plates over to go on top of the axles (i.e use the off side on the near side and visa versa) to make use of the existing shock mountings just re drill the hole to match the u bolt and hey presto you`re up in the clouds.
A word of warning though if you go for big 33`s like i have you will have to space out the wheels to stop them cathing on full lock, i also had to remove the side steps as these just caught also. I am making small side steps my self anyway as my wife is 5 foot and a fag paper and has a job getting in !! (mind you its not a bad thing i suppose!!)

If you do the job i would highly recommend new u bolts and you will probably have to cut through the bushes etc to get them out as they are sure to be rusted in. If you going to spend money on it and want a good job i would buy a set of new springs from milner off road and go the whole hog, they are cheap enough if you buy them as a kit, i did on the rear and am now going to replace the front in due course as the springs were a bit saggy anyway.

cheers cookie

ic got two incg lifted springs, extended shackles, and pro comp 3000 shocks , im running 235 85 16 tyres at the mo with 30 mm wheel spacers but i want more height and the spoa conversion really looks the part thanks for that mate , any other problems youve come across?

S O A conversion

No worries mate, glad i could be of help.
No real problems as such just a pain in the arse when you find you`ve got rusted up nuts and in particular the bushes, thats why i suggested replacing the spring etc with new, you don`t have to worry then about the nuts and bolts just cut everything with an angle grinder !!!
Where did you get your shocks and are they any good as i`m gonna replace mine asap??
Just remembered you will have to lenghthen the brake pipes and make up bracket to keep in place and in line with MOT. I had enough length to just pull down so that bit was okay for me.
Another thing when i did mine i twisted the axle in the u bolts so as it was in line with the prop as not to put too much strain on the uj`s

shocks for cookie

bought pro-comp3000 shocks from explorer uk , came to about £130 opt for the 3000s and not the 9000s as the 9000s are meant for coil sprung vehicles and are to hard for leafers, they work the nuts iv o
off roaded mine at woodlands in kent loads and they do the job mate
p.s where in the country are you? and did you have to make up prop spacers?

Pro-comp shocks

Thanks for the reply will get in touch with them.
I`m down in the west country, Weston super Mare to be precise!!
I didn`t need to make up any spacers as the process of twisting the axle in the u bolts lines everything up nicely and there is plenty of travel/length on the splines so there is no danger of them pulling out on full stretch.
You may have to top up the diff oil in each one after you twist the axle. Just to make sure there is enough oil getting around the teeth etc.

36s under spring axle

cookie your running 33s under ya speing over rocky , are they on a 8 inch rim or a 10 and do you think you have enough room to fit a 36 .12.50 15 under the arches

spring over axle tyre fitment

cookie i understand your running your rocky on 33s with the spring over.what inch rim r u using 8, or 10? and do you think you would have enough room to fit 36,12.50.15s under those arches?

36`s on a spring over fourtrak

You probably would have enough room if your springs aren`t too saggy and the shocks are good. I wouldn`t like to say for definate, the problems i can see with those size tyres are them catching on full lock around the front of the side step area and on the springs. I packed mine out with spacers to stop this.
I`m running mine on 10" rims alloy Wolfrace slots.
Hope this helps.

nice one cookie

im running 30 mm spacers and have no side steps so im thinking about trying a setonce the conversion is done

Spacers for 36`s

I`m running a total of 37mm spacers to stop all this.
It`s not the actual side steps that catch ( well it was until i removed them) it`s the corner of the sill and bobywork that will catch and if you hit a bump on somewhere near full lock you could drive the tyre into the body, i gave the bodywork a clout with a lump hammer to push it back a bit to be on the safe side anyway!!!
You could get over this by fitting longer u bolts and making the saddles that go over the axles a bit taller, i just copied the size of the original ones on the other side of the axle (in fact i wish i had gone a bit taller as the u bolts in the kit from Milners are longer than the originals, oh well!!)
Good luck, KEEP THE FAITH !!!
Cheers Cookie

Leaf over help!!

I have '85 Toyota Blizzard (identical to Daihatsu Rugger). I need some pointers on doing a leaf over coversion. What to look for/to do/ not to do. Thanx