Fourtrak Fieldman in good condition - are there any left?


As the title says I was wondering whether there's still any good ones about as I've been after a Fourtrak Fieldman for about 4 months and have only seen one which I'd have considered buying (it was absolutely mint but had already been sold when I rang up Sad Still kicking myself !)

Obviously most of them will have been used for work seen as they're commercial vehicles so I suppose they will have had some stick but surely someone must've looked after one.
Daihatsu stopped making them in 2002 (?) so that can't help my chances of getting one, and being that age most seem to have been to the moon and back.

I'm not particularly in a rush for one as I've got a van but seems odd that they're so rare.

If anyone could shed any light on this I'd be grateful.



They didn't make/sell that

They didn't make/sell that many Fourtraks and even less Fieldmen. Your right in saying that they have generally been a little abused as they have been used for work, but I have seen a few on Ebay over the last few months that have been good. Mine is a 1990 with 95k on the clock. The Engine is fine and there is no rust anywhere, there is a few scratches and dents, but it was used on a farm since new before I bought it. Its just a case of waiting and checking Ebay/mags every week until one pops up.

Top off!

Still looking but haven't found anything, thanks for the suggestion BloodRed but ideally I was after a slightly newer one (probably struggling to find one as I'm been too fussy!).
I'm starting to wonder if buying a LWB car version, taking the seats out and swapping the removable top at the rear would be a good idea as I seem to see a few car Fourtraks for sale that aren't in too bad a nick. Only problem then would be finding a Fieldman that's been broken to get the top and trying to make a good neat job of it. The ideal solution would be to just find a Fieldman but they seem impossible to find.


Super Major, I have seen the Feildman at Bloodredoffroad when I was there last week. I think you should take a look as its one of the cleenest Fourtaks full stop that I have seen recently.

There are a few

Depends on how far you want to travel i think, we were quite luck got told of the '94 that i currently drive with only about 84K on the clock early last year, since then its now on 88/89K and thats low mileage for what we usually put on them in a year (for example the y reg on 320K), now a fieldman on leafs is even harder, especially in a limited area (my preferred next vehicle)

There are a few good ones

There are a few good ones left, although they may have been worked hard; this is not an issue if they have been correctly maintained.

As they have not been made for several years it is prudent to spend the time searching and not be put off by high mileages etc. Always check the vehicle thoroughly, many hard working vehicles are relied upon by their owners so are maintained correctly.

Local farmer: 96 Fieldman 600,000 miles + and all original despite working very hard.

Very tidy 97 Fieldman

Hi Rob
I have a customer with one who has mentioned selling it, it's a '97 R plate and very clean. It is the white one on the second or third page of the gallery with the black winch bumper fitted.
You can contact me through the site or through my site at or by phone on 01484 711344 if you are interested and I can tell you about the car and pass on his No.
best regards
Blood Red Offroad Ltd