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Hi all.

Right, this is of interest mainly to Fourtrak and Sportrak users. The "How it Works" section, the content is expanding, covering many issues. Are members aware of whats available in the "How it Works" section at the top of the page.

Would it be possible to get some honest feedback on the articles from those reading them, are they too complex, poorly written, or generally easily understood by readers, and practical, informative, and generally beneficial.

So I suggest you may perhaps give the section a browse, and give us your comments. We need feedback on what is all ready posted and perhaps suggestions to future articles.

If you think you could write an article, on any relevant subject, contact "LuRcH" via private message.

very Useful

From the ones i have read, they are useful, I have *some* knowledge, bit little in many area's. Looked at a few to broaden my knowledge, easily understandable without a great deal of knowledge.

Good source of reference, and keep 'em coming.

Bit off topic for this but have you heard of a live axle conversion for a IFS fourtrak? know of one on a different vehicle but just condering of any on fourtraks

On Topic

Hi "madfish"

Can we keep this thread on topic, suggest you post your Live Axle conversion query in the "Modifications" section

Edward (ews) '92 Fourtrak 2.8 TDX


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Edward (ews) '92 Fourtrak 2.8 TDX

how it works

i think this section is really good,its very helpfull and good reading.Helps you get the best out of your vehicle and gives you new ideas.

All torque no tr-action

from the ones ive read so far

from the ones ive read so far very good very informative and
enjoyable to read and ive learned a lot from them.
id like to see more illustrations or pictures of important components maybe a video on winching if possible but id imagine it would be hard work to do that.

Everyman is the architect of his own future.

im going to look at a

im going to look at a fieldman this week and ill be armed with a little bit of knowlegde, form owning one and reading this forum and how it works.

what about one dedicated to first time buyers i even though most probably look on here after buying a fourtrak it might be usful.

Everyman is the architect of his own future.

Great work, Thank you

Great work by assassin with the articles. You can tell by the way he's written the articles that he obviously knows his stuff and has a strong interest in it, is meticulous and is good at explaining practical things in writing (harder than it seems, I've tried it).
I'm afraid I can't think of any topics I'd like to see covered just now but I'll add it to this topic or e-mail if I think of any. All I could suggest would be to carry on writing in the same detail and writing style as you have the other articles.

Thank you for taking the time to write these great articles.


How It Works

Really useful. Easy to follow, well written. Thank you to the author.

David T

if someone would care to put

if someone would care to put a step by step guide for servicing/re greasing auto hubs, for numpties....i'd be most appreciative.

'94 Fourtrak Independent

Feed Back

Hi all.

We have a Techinical Author/Writer, and he is an seriously well quallified engineer with 4x4 experience who's writing his cotton socks off. So lets have some comments on his work.

If you have not read the articles in the "How it Works" section ,take time to do so, you never know you may get enlightend. Take a look, top of the page. We need your feed back.

Edward (ews) '92 Fourtrak 2.8 TDX

cant fault it

seems like a brill idea anyone being new to all this offroading scene as there is so much to learn about winches / tyres/ towing/ to name a few found it all so helpfull in all aspects and even a div (me) can see how to work out whats best for my needs thanks again

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