fourtrak f75 stopped - problem!


Hi guys, basically my fourtrak just stopped on me as I was driving, it turns over but doesn't go! Diesel is not getting to the injectors, but theres plenty of diesel from filter. So i assumed pump on off valve, however i'm pretty sure this is working after going direct from faulty diesel pump im thinking? Also when i stalled the radiator was peeing out coolant from a hole in the top, is it a coincidence they happened together? fuses look fine.
What are your thoughts? And how possible is it to get and fit a new pump? if that is the prob.
Thanks for your input.
p.s. model is 1987 dl-50 2.8 turbo diesel fourtrak.

These often click if the

These often click if the electromagnet component seperated from the needle assembly, but remain closed.

Try a local diesel injection specialist who will replace it for you if it is faulty, or give you a price on a reconditioning of your pump. It is a Bosch pump so look for a Bosch specialist.