fuel pump leak...


all the seals have gone on my pump, its a 1989 fourtrak. its costing me £500/£600.. never spent that much on a car before.....hope its worth it....

Shock, horror.


Just curious, why have ALL the seals failed on the injection pump !!!!!!.Re the cost, you could have picked up a replacment Fourtrak , same model/year for that cost and swaped pumps !!!. Is this Diahatsu dealer or a Diesel injection /pump rebuilder prices ????.

Edward (ews) '92 Fourtrak 2.8 TDX

its old...he said the old

its old...he said the old seals were very brittle, replaced one and it went to the next weakest point..the hydrolic head one went.. we thought it was worth spending the money on, as its very clean, good for its age...if i did get a second hand one,chances are i would have to have all the seals on that done.. plus pay someone to put it on, retune, cambelt..plus apparently not all fourtrak pumps are the same, you have to be carefull, you can't just buy another truck.i did ask..

This seems excessive, a Bosch

This seems excessive, a Bosch pump as fitted to the Fourtrak usually costs £80-150 to have reconditioned by an independent Bosch injection specialist. This would include replacing all the seals and consumable wearing components as they are all supplied as a kit of reconditioning parts.

its a

nip on denso pump? had to order the parts in....