The YRV Door Mirrors are the same as???


My passenger side mirror has broken (just the mirror glass, not the fitting)... been trying to find a supplier who just sells the glass, but wondering if there is the same mirror on a toyota as it has a toyota stamp on it? Should be easier and cheaper to find... Does anyone know?

From photos... looks like its the Yaris 99-05 from all the photos I've been looking through...
Will take a chance and buy the convex mirror glass, can always return it, only £6.99 off ebay...

Just call me G... Wink
2004 Yellow YRV Turbo

Yes Phase 1 Yaris will do

Hi G!, I believe the Yaris door mirrors from those years should fit ours Smile

I take it you have spotted the Toyota markings on the bottom of the door mirror covers? Theres even a code on there as well Wink
Also thought the Toyota Avensis door mirrors may also fit as well.
Lets us know how you get on.


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