V reg fourtrak, tdx, wiring diagram


Could someone please inform me as to what wires are for what on the passenger side rear body light cluster, got problems with the trailer lighting plug, had a look yesterday and just a mess of wires and scotch blocks, could the fog light be included in that as well, would be nice if who every wired the lights in actually connected it do something!!

Wiring diargam of just what colours are which on the wires

For a V reg TDX fourtrak

Many thanks

Oh' the joys of wiring !!!!!, may you have many happy hours !!!


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Suggestion, look under the carpet pass side and you should find a Connection Block, use a multi meter or a test light, then operate each system ,one by one, the circuit uses an earth return wire also ( no body earth), to identify, then check at pass rear light cluster. Beware you may have the wiring also for the none existent pillar lights present also. And the fog light is there also.

Oh' the joys of sorting out a messed up wiring job. Sorry not much help , but went through a similar problem, just took time , making notes as I went along, sorting a botched trailer wiring setup.

There is a wiring diagram in the Service Manual, available from this site.

Edward (ews) '92 Fourtrak 2.8 TDX

Initial Investigations

Had a little look this afternoon, got a little confused, looked at the pass side front found which wire was for which, went to the back and found the trailer iring into different wires, but managed to bodge what was there with male/female/piggy back blade connectors. Gonna rewire from the back pass cluster on sunday see how we get on with that.

How long ago did you redo your's "ews"?
dont spose you'd still have the notes?

I though there body/chassis earth (lead in engine bay going from -ve to body?)