HiJet micro truck


My first attempt with Daihatsus was with a Charade diesel. After being overcharged by a greedy dealer I abandoned the project. Several years down the line I've bought another Daihatsu! This one is a Kei truck (HiJet) bought with the hope of of transplanting a Honda Acty Romahome demountable body onto it. At least the Hijet has servo disc brakes and has a 1200cc diesel engine (drum brakes and 550cc petrol doesn't really appeal!) I've read a lot of bad press about the Lombardinis but long experience with heat engines shows that their main enemy is heat. Hijet seller who I never met thanks to eBay was a cheat. No keys no wing mirrors and two rusted wheels that wouldn't inflate! but I think it will still come good in the end. Has anyone tried a Lombardini LDW1204/T (turbo) in one of these or the LDW1404 Unknw I prefer diesel economy but there's not much room to fit a larger engine. 28BHP won't really be enough, 40BHP plus is needed (just possible with the 1200 turbo)