Second gear becoming very difficult to engage


I have a 97 2.8 Rocky with 170k. Over the last few days it has become increasingly difficult to engage second gear and in particular on the way down. Is this likey to be a worn syncro ring? Would adding some gear oil additive help it? Problem gets less as the car warms up and covers a few miles. Is changing the gearbox a difficult and time consuming exercise or relativel easy?
Thanks for now.

Sounds like the syncro ring

Sounds like the syncro ring gone. I doubt adding oil additives will help. Strange how it gets better with use though.....The box is easy to take out as far as removing gearboxes go, apart from being very heavy. There are many threads that go into more detail regarding removing the box, try the search function on this site Smile

Try the old method of gear changing !!! Pre syncro's


Probably a worn synro ring, (I live with it),eventualy it will jump out of gear in power on/power off situations. Double de clutching will help you to change down. Though worn or loose selectors can cause this problem though it would be apparant at all times. Other thoughts have been mentioned , such as , to heavy gear box oil ( use EP 90).

Addition of a gear oil additive (eg Molyslip), is believed to benificial any way. aded at a oil change. ( filler/level plug on the drivers side of box)

2nd gear and its syncro was noted in a 2nd user report, as the weak point in the box , due to fact many of these trucks were put to hard use ,as was intended, pulling trailers, or offroad use by farmers/construction users. Even today one sees many Fourtraks pulling plant trailers, loaded with mini diggers for example.

Edward (ews) '92 Fourtrak 2.8 TDX

Second gear

Yes I have been double de clutching but hasnt really helped on most occassions.
Looks as if I may just need to pick up a replacemnet box.

If its only second gear i

If its only second gear i would adjust the nut first as this takes the slack out if the mainshaft and often improves the situation. If it does not its the synchro's.

Second gear

Hi Assassin
What nut are we talking about here?

It is the gearbox mainshaft

It is the gearbox mainshaft nut which goes right through the transfer box.

Look at the rear of the transfer box, just above the rear propshaft and you will see an alloy casting which has two semi dome shapes on it. Remove the six bolts and you will expose the two shafts, it is the upper left of the two shafts, it has a nut on it. This requires a 30mm spanner to tighten, so tighten it as tight as you can get it, use a bar if necessary.

This has a flange which should be hammered tightly into the shafts keyway to lock it, unlocking id a problem which causes them to become loose and induces play in the shaft.

Put some gasket sealer on the housing and refit, takes about 15 minutes to do and eliminates the synchro rings if it is in the early stages of wear.