Fourtrak wheel getting hot!


Got out of my Trak after a 7 mile journey today and heard a ticking noise (like a hot cat) coming from my front near side wheel. The actual wheel was quite warm. This is obviously not good. Is the fault likely to be the hub, bearing or something else?
You help greatly appreciated (as always), want to sort this before something goes badly wrong.


jack the front up to see if

jack the front up to see if the bearing is shot or if the break is binding on as this is the most likey cause

Could be the calliper

Could be the calliper sticking or bearing gone, I would think the calliper is more likely.

Tickety , Tikety, Sticky, Sticky !!!


First port of call, a sticking brake caliper. Unlikly to be front wheel bearing , as I think you would by the heating stage felt a rumble at least . ( do'nt just wait till you get a cherry red, glow in the dark disc) But regrease and adjust the the bearing while your in that area, wont do any harm !!!

Edward (ews) '92 Fourtrak 2.8 TDX

did notice some pulling to

did notice some pulling to the left....does this further implicate the calliper? Deffo no noise i would normally associate with a bearing being on the way out.

next question then.....step by step guide for calliper overhaul/maintenance?

cheers guys

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If it was pulling to the left

If it was pulling to the left when braking its the calliper. If it was just generally pulling to the left it looks like the calliper is very broken =/. You might be looking at a new calliper....

was pulling to the left ever

was pulling to the left ever so slightly, not under braking. Whats the best way to check the calliper....wheel off and have a poke about or more technical. Have never worked on brakes.

'94 Fourtrak Independent

If you jack the wheel up you

If you jack the wheel up you should be able to spin the wheel with your hand. If you can't the calliper is stuck on. If you can spin in press the foot brake and release it and see if the wheel still spins. You can also have the wheel off and remove the calliper, you should be able to push the piston back into the calliper with slide pliers with reasonable force, if you can't the piston is evidently seized. As for taking the calliper apart to try and fix it I've no idea seeing as I've never done one. If your feeling brave you can take it apart and see if there is anything obvious and lubricate it and see if that improves it.

draging brake


Deffinitly seems like sticking brake caliper.

Could be sticking pistons or , not sure about this, sticking sliding caliper.

If you would like a service manual for a Indy read this post'

Edward (ews) '92 Fourtrak 2.8 TDX

Jack up the vehicle and

Jack up the vehicle and remove the wheel, check the caliper moves on its slides, or if the slides are clogged with dirt or rust. Remove the caliper bolts and the caliper, check the pads slide in their grooves, if not it is poorly fitted brake pads or dirt and rust. Clean the slides fully with a wire brush, or a smooth file if they are badly rusted. Fit the pads back into the slides and ensure they slide freely, if not it is the steel backing pads which need fettling with a file. Poor metal backing pads are not unusual with aftermarket pads, so always file them before fitting new pads, so they run smoothly in the sliders.
Refit the caliperbolts and ensure they slide ok, pressthe brakepedal halfway down and release, do this several times to close the pads to the disc, do not press the brake pedal right down or start the engine.
Start yopur engine and operate your brakes, get out and ensure they are not tight onto the disc, if they are its the caliper needing replacing or rebuilding.

cracking....cheers assasin,

cracking....cheers assasin, reckon i can cope with that (if it stops tipping it down!)

ews...cheers for the link.

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Deffo sticking brake caliper. Had it to bits. Upshot is, couldnt get any movement from the piston. Sliders were quite smooth. Think the piston is stuck in the out position. So looks like a new one needed. Bloody cars!

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Find a local brake specialist

Find a local brake specialist who will recondition it for you, and have both done while it is off the road. It will be cheaper then one replacement usually, and another problem eliminated.

Really? A new one is £54.

Really? A new one is £54. Reckon a specialist can sort it for less?
I'm still slightly hopeful a mechanic mate might be able to sort it. Problem is, he's a bit busy at the mo.

'94 Fourtrak Independent

Assassin may know better, but

Assassin may know better, but I don't think you will be able to have it reconditioned for much less than £54, so for the sake of a £10er or so I would get the new calliper. Let us know how it goes.