1998 Terios central locking failure :-(


I have just bought a very nice 1998 Terios, and was made aware by the seller of an issue with the central locking (basically, it would unlock via the fob, but has to be locked manually by pressing down the button and holding the handle while closing the door, which would centrally lock all of the other doors). Unfortunately, someone had tried to nick the car a while back so the door locks are damaged and cannot be opened manually with the key.

Anyway, this morning, it would not unlock off the key fob, so I had to resort to unlocking the tailgate with the key (the only unbusted lock!) and climb into the car to open it from inside.

Does anyone have any ideas what could be wrong here? Oddly, but possibly connected, the driver's window (manual wind-down type) occasionally sticks half way down and won't go up again unless you press down the lock button on the passenger door!!!! The previous owner discovered this. Is this likely to be connected to the CL problem?

Thanks for your help!!


Sounds like internal damage

Sounds like internal damage inside the door, the drivers door lock is the master unit which controls the rest of the doors.
Remove the door panel and check everything for free play, particularly the door locking motor.

Thanks - will try that.

I suppose it's a 'how long's a piece of string?' type question, but do you think this will be expensive to put right?

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