re are clutches different


Hi After some advice please i,ve got a 1999 T Fourtrak 2.8 tdx Just had a brand new clutch fitted and replacement gearbox oil unfortunatly the FRIEND who fitted it forgot to top up the oil and so now i have a siezed gearbox, I,ve managed to pick up a second hand gearbox and need to swap over the transfers as its of a fieldman without the switch for the 4wd, However not sure what year of car the gearbox came from, did daihatsu fit the same clutches throughout the years or could the clutch be different to the one on my T plate that its going on. Many Thanks In adavance. Dan

from a somewhat vague memory,

from a somewhat vague memory, there were two different clutches fitted. I think the later version was an uprated version which could replace the earlier type though, you would have to check to be certain.