Turbo diesel will not start when cold


My 1992 rocky turbo diesel has developed a starting issue. The problem only happens when it sits overnight ( or perhaps cools down ) after I start it once it’s ok for the rest of the day ( I also live in Australia and it’s summer here ) . I have ruled out a fuel issues as there is no water when I drain it from the filter . I have also tried an old trick by spraying etha into the air cleaner box and she fires up straight away with ease, I think it’s a glow plug issue ..anyway , this is what my search has come up with.
I have changes glow plugs.
I have checked the power coming into the rail that power the plugs and it’s coming up zero on the meter
I have checked the current sensor and it’s showing about 8ohms and it also has continuity
I have replace the relay
I don’t think it’s the temp sensor as when the engine is cold, the relay clicks on and off many time as opposed to when it’s hot , it will click once ( maybe I’m wrong)
There is something called a pre-heat timer but I can’t find it.
Please help !


I was going to suggest checking for a main glow plug fuse - but I'm not sure there is one? When one glow plug failed on my diesel Skoda Felicia it took out the main 50A fuse.....

The service manual has some flowcharts for fault finding - PM me with your email address if you want me to zip up a few pages, or you could buy one from this site.

FYI 8ohms sounds far too high for the current sensor - just checked - according to service manual the current sensor should be 10 milli ohms (0.01ohm) - most resistance meters won't go that low!

I guess you need to check that power is going into and out of the relay (I don't mean the coil connection, as the relay is clicking) - maybe the cable or connections from relay to heater bus has failed? Does sound like a dodgy connection if you are reading 8ohms.....

1985 Veg oil burning Fourtrak "Rocky".

Poor starter , check fuel line


Have you elimininated any fuel line air leaks. Example on my truck I had poor starting when left overnight or left for any length of time/hours. Went down the heater plug route and one was dead, replaced but no improvement, turned out to a pin hole in the fuel line allowing fuel to drain back to the tank and allowing air ingress with the truck having to self bleed, this gave the battery some stick every day untill I found a wet area on the fuel line, cut line and replaced section with a piece of reinforced nylon fuel line and after bleeding system all has been well. Problems can develop also, in the filter unit, with a non return valve failing, giving the similar problems. Using easy start is bad news,and not good for the engine when used constantly, though the engine firing up on this could be masking the the time taken to self bleed the system

Edward (ews) '92 Fourtrak 2.8 TDX