a shot of the rear



as you can see, a slightly scruffy behind, need to do something about that number plate holder monstrosity


Number plate holder

I was not keen on the chunk of plastic on the back door of my Fourtrack either, so i had a piece of stainless steel cut just big enough to fix number plate & light onto then screwed it onto the door, i think it looks a lot better now!

yep i just noticed

thinking of doing something similar, seems a pretty easy job to do....is it?

Number plate holder

Sorry ,ive been away for a few days & have just seen your msg, its a very easy little job to do you just have to make sure that when you dril the holes in the door to fix the back plate you possition them somewhere so as to be able to reach inside the door to put the nut on, oh & if you use a stainless steel plate,which i think looks better,then use stainless bolts so they dont go rusty & spoil the job. Hope this helps.