anyone near leeds


any northeners?


Hi lofty I live in sheffield my two cars are a Avanzato and YRV turbo so some goodens up north.Picture of cars in images by Mick49

Mick H

Yorshire calling

Hello All! Im from the north too live in Sheffield, now driving a `99 Terios...
previosly a `96 Sprtrak until some nice person knicked be for christmas and shashed it up..Was bullit proof a dinted and scratched to high heaven ....i loved it ...but it is now in heaven due to theives


Sounds like a plan! A

Sounds like a plan! A northeners meet! I will post it up, who wants to organise it? Shall I do it?

2 inch body lift,
2 inch suspension lift
sj steel rims
31x10.5 tyers
volvo radiator and expanstion tank
upgraded hoses!
vw polo 1.3 supercharged webber carb

to do
snorkel designed just to fit