ECU/Power steering problem: 1992 Daihatsu Opti 659cc (Japanese import) L200 chassis


Hi everyone - I'm a newbie

I have a 1992 Daihatsu Opti, 3 door 5 spd manual/petrol (imported new in 1992 as flagship model). I believe is based on the L200 chassis (and as such may be compatible with the 1992 Mira or Coure). Recently had new clutch but
I have been experiencing power steering problems, and need advice on how to fix. I do not have a repair manual and have not been able to find one.

Intially the power steering became intermittant, sometimes light and sometimes heavy, and now seems heavy all the time. Small local garage and auto-electricians haven't been able to trace fault, but have suggested the ECU may be at fault??
- does anyone have a wiring diagram or know where to get one?
- any info on ECU problems/solutions?
- any other helpful suggestions?

Many thanks OPTIMUM

hi, i have this prob on my

hi, i have this prob on my L200 chasis L500's engine....
i have changed a unit EPS but prob still the last i found that there is a Pink color fuse who locate in engine bay's fuse box....try change it the problem might b solve....

Power Steering problem

Hi there - thank you very much for coming back to me. I made a mistake about the chasis as mine is an L300, but I am sure they are all similar.
Yes, there is a fuse box in the engine bay containing 3 fuses - two of them (30A) are in pink fuse boxes, eg Head 40A, EFI 30A PS 30A. I think the fuses are OK, but I shall certainly ask my husband to check them again. At some point it looks as though somebody has changed or looked at the fuses as the clear plastic cover which fits over the top of the fuse is missing, however there is a black cover which goes over all 3 fuses.
Before getting the P/S ecu fixed, my car was with a car electrician for 2hours, but they didn't report anything, but did say it was difficult without a wiring diagram (which I am still unable to locate). My hubby will carry out some more checks before fitting ecu, but if the power steering does work, hopefully I can get the car MoT'd and back on the road.
Thanks for your support with my issues - it is much appreciated. I am glad that our experiences can help another in need. Cheers Smile


Daihatsu Opti

I just joined this forum long shot but have u managed to find a wiring diagram for the Opti?
My partner she owns a Daihatsu Opti we purchased it 6 years ago
The car doesn’t really get driven, 2 years ago developed this power steering intermittent problem, and recently struggles to idle and to accelerate, i cleaned the distributor but still the same, must be some clogged up parts as it wasn’t driven for months